I believe that it’s already a high time to share.  A payback time for the years of acquiring knowledge, skills and experiences this world has offered to me and everyone else.  And the most convenient thing to do in paying back fast, easy and free is to write.

Personally, it’s hard to decide what to write especially that the internet has already had everything to offer.  However, I decided to strike my fingers to the keyboards of my computer with me in mind the concept which I have been living up into for almost a decade now, that is “Think Global, Act Local”.

As an amateur writer, who have had a minimal experience in journalism during my college days a little more than 20 years ago being a campus journalist at the Ateneo and member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), I do have few reservations and apprehensions on my potential written output.  Because blogging will be set in the world stage using the infinite possibilities of internet platform, I need to overcome my reluctance and pursue what I love doing.  The burning passion of sharing what I’ve got through the use of written words are more than enough to convince myself to just write and share.  And one of the best ways to realize this passion is to blog.

Thus, comes into being.  It aims to provide and deliver commentaries, ideas, discourse and literature featuring local application and replication about various local, national and international issues and concerns.  Issues and concerns may cover numerous fields and sectors such as economics, politics, culture, governance, climate change, disaster risk reduction, youth development, development works, sociology, public relation, community relation, among others. Regardless of the theme, the fundamental objective should and must be aligned to and consistent with the principle of “thinking global and acting local.

I specially choose the site title as “Finding the Critical Path” with the purpose of showing the importance of learning new things, ideas, people and events, and apply critical thinking that cut across development pathways.  In my blogs, I will make sure that suggestions, recommendations, constructive criticisms, propositions and persuasions are presented in the most appropriate way possible to invite real and concrete actions.

With high hope that this blog will be true to its purpose and objectives, I am sincerely praying that this will be of great support to the effort of uplifting the lives and the living condition of the people, especially the most vulnerable sectors of society.

As an assurance of quality, I will make sure that my writing will be based on necessity, relevance, practicality and timeliness.

Just sharing what’s on my mind.

In closing, please, if you deemed appropriate and kind, do follow and share this blog.



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