Everyone has somethings he/she loves doing.  Experts called these passion.

When I was younger, so much younger than who I am today, there are lots of things I think I really enjoy doing, in one time or another.  Doing them were just like playing and invested so much time, effort and even expend resources to enjoy the moment while doing them.

That was when I was young.

As life unfolds, there has been series of events compelling me to prioritized.  Especially when I do have my own family,my focus have had been redirected to anything important and essential not for myself but for the love of my life- MY FAMILY.

I’ve through a lot.  From various placement of jobs, to establishing my humble abode, to finding other means of living, to different people I worked with, to hundreds of learning experiences attended, to reading hundreds of books, to shifting choices of TV programs, to caring for my wife and children, to helping and asking help from others, to facing numbers of crisis, among other experiences.  Too numerous to count.

Through all of these, life has always been a blessing.  Like everyone of us, every experience has its own ups and downs.  Like everyone of us, success has it’s corresponding drawback, meaning failure is inevitable.  Yet, through all of these, the lessons learned are far more important than the experience itself, although the former won’t exist without the latter. Besides, experiences dwell in the past but its lessons sit beside every person in the present and will loyally accompany one in the future.

Along these vast experiences, a knock of opportunity reminded me that I oftentimes forgot what I love doing, whether deliberate or by circumstance.  Most of the time, I have been preoccupied by the immediate need of looking after the love of my life and put on the sideline the things that I love.

But the truth is, looking after our loves can simultaneously stand alongside doing what we love.

Thus, I did not let the opportunity pass when I did have the chance of regaining back what I love doing.  There are lots of them but for the time being, I specifically choose two things I am passionate about- writing and teaching.

Pursuing the two passion, I believe, needs three essential factors- (more) knowledge, skills and attitude.  These three factors need to be developed, enhanced, propagated and practiced in order to be true to the purpose of having my passion.

While I already have started to regain back by doing some little big steps of practicing them with consistency, competence, hard work and motivation, there are still various parameters that I need to learn and understand.  And the world has everything to offer for me- and most of them are for free.  All I need to do is be mindful and be purposeful while having access to the offers of the world.

For the best interest of doing what I love and for the benefit of the people, the most vulnerable sector, whom these passion are dedicated, I must and should put on top the criteria of necessity, relevance, practicality and timeliness on my bucket lists.

Like me, you and everyone else have our own passion.  Pursue them with purpose and life will define our own meaning.

This is why we live.





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