“while the young may think of national importance,

they can act locally to find significance.”

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My partner in the office has just arrived from a youth camp he attended and shared to me that it was fruitful, productive and adventurous experience.

His accounts of his experiences brought me back to my basic lessons in my elementary and high school years. I can still recall with precise, 20-20 vision familiarity of the statement “The youth are the backbone of and catalyst in nation-building”. I do not know in its form and substance whether or not the statement was a real and concrete vision or it was just a slogan to entice the youth population to take action.

However, as I have had grown up, I came to realize the truthfulness of the statement. Few of the clear and present indicators shows that the youth indeed has all the potentials to participate in nation-building. But for the purpose of this discourse, I will emphasize local contributions with this thinking in mind: while the young may think of national importance, they can act locally to find significance.

Inherent and intrinsic in the young population are advantages they possess which are far more different when compared to adult populace. These include, but not limited, to the following:

1. Time. Compared to adults, without fear of argument, the youth have more time to spend.

2. Responsibility. Because most if not all of the youth do no have families of their own to attend to, they have lesser societal responsibility compared to adults.

3. Energy. The energy and agility of the youth are far more greater than adults.

4. Idealism. The burning desire of the young to think and act for their ideal world is comparatively imposing than adults who already have chosen careers/job/craft or are comfortable with the status quo.

5. Access to Technology. Especially on social media and the unlimited access to information through the internet, the youth top the list to exploit and make use of them.

6. Choice of Passion. Being young and in the process of searching for true meaning, the youth has all the room to think and choose what and why do things/activities to love and endure.

7. Cost-Efficiency. Provide them with vehicle, food and activities they enjoy, the youth will not demand minimum wage just to produce expected results/output.

8. Organizational Potentials. For as long as circumstances will justify that they belong to a certain cause, organizing the youth is not a rocket-science things. Besides, they are community-based, be it in churches, purok communities, schools, barkadahan, among others.

9. Curiosity. The youth are natural explorers and adventurous. They love to learn new and interesting things.

10. Industry. Because of their energy and agility, the youth can produce results with lesser amount of complain and protest.

11. And many, many, many more…

Given these advantages, LGUs must and should optimize these gigantic portion of the population. All the LGUs need to do is to invest and provide programs, projects or activities that would give the youth platform to take part in the genuine and sustainable local community-building.

When? Now!

Just sharing what’s on my mind.


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