“However different, I am confidently sure these must
and should be taken up toward inclusive benefits of
all the people of the host town, in one way or the other”

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Looking for a friend who work at the office of the Sangguninag Bayan of Compostela for an important matter to discuss with, I happened to drop by, for less than 10-minutes when everybody inside did not seem to notice, at the session hall where a committee ( committee on Infrastructure presided over by the chairman and the proponent of the ordinance himself Engr. Alan Calalas , together with members of the Sangguniang Bayan was having a hearing on the establishment of municipal entrance and exit aches.

The friend I was looking was on official business attending a seminar on the formulation of Local Climate Change Action Plan. Nowhere to go at that instant, I entered the session and listen to the discussion of the committee.

After I left, my mind kept on pushing me to hit the tiles of the keyboard of my computer and write something beneficial.

Here’s my takes:

Putting the arch is warm welcoming of people coming in and warmer farewell of people going out. Warm welcoming and warmer farewell mean business. For the purpose of this discourse, the term business would mean different things to different interest to different people. However different, I am confidently sure these must and should be taken up toward inclusive benefits of all the people of the host town, in one way or the other.

Making the entrance and exit arches as one of the instruments of warm welcoming and warmer farewell, the following arguments may substantiate the proposition:

1. Sense of Identity. The arches will introduce to the people, whether or not residents, visitors, passers-by, investors, among others, who goes in and out of the place the qualities, values, personality, looks and/or expressions it possesses.

2. Tourism Promotion. The arches will be utilized as tool to attract people, regardless of place of origin, to visit, stay and experience what the place can offer.

3. Investment Promotion. The arches will entice entries of businesses and investments given the fact that the identity of the place. Of course, with the condition that it will be appropriately built to depict the opportunities for investment.

4. Economic circulation. Tourism and investment will mean more money circulation, jobs, sales, services provisions, and other economic activities that will surely boost the local economy.

5. Industry promotion. The arches will also showcase what the place can readily offer in terms of industries that will significantly optimize the potential of the place. These include, but not limited to, agriculture, natural resources, services, among others.

6. Public relation. The arches will surely communicate with the target audience directly or indirectly through the medium used with the purpose of creating and maintaining a positive image and give way to a strong relationship with people coming in and going out.

7. And many, many, many more… limitless.

I believe that the proponent and the committee hearing the proposal have all the arsenal of reasons and aims at their disposal which are more varied and far greater than what I’ve shared.

If the LGU means business, then it must go for it.

Welcome to the Municipality of Compostela!



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