Moving on is letting go
of the things that slow us down”
My fraternity brother, Wangyu, texted me yesterday that he will add me to our group’s VIBER account. Without hesitation, I replied “Yes tol, salamat”.

Excited to see our Viber group, I google the apps and immediately installed it in my laptop following religiously following the instructions provided for installation until it said: entered your number. As instructed, I put on my phone number on the box provided, and ALAS!, it said again: YOU NEED AN ANDROID PHONE TO BE PART OF VIBER.

Saddened by the notice, I closed the browser and go to sleep.

This morning, Wangyu made a follow-up through my phone and told me I cannot be added. With mixed emotions, I did not reply for human consideration that I am very shy to let him know my circumstance.

Five minutes ago, I decided to PM him through Messenger and told him the truth.

Modesty aside, I really wanted to have an Android phone. I do not have one not because I cannot have one but because I am used to use my phone and love to have it anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

But time and spaces changed. With my recent experience, I need to have one the soonest I can have. I need to move on not because I don’t like anymore my present gadget but because time and space demand for a little advances.

Sabi nga ng mga matatanda: Moving on is letting go of the things that slow us down.

VIBER, I’m coming!


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