December 4, 2012


National Historical Institute of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Dear Sir Sir/Madam,
I am Ruell T. Garcia from Purok 2, Poblacion, Compostela, Compostela Valley.

Although I do not have any background in writing oral and local history, History subject is one of my sought-t o subject when I was still studying in formal learning institutions.  This maybe be one of the reasons why I have found compelling reasons for me to write the oral/local history of our town, aside from my unconditional love to my home place and my burning passion to write and serve the people through sharing of information relevant to their everyday lives and their respective living conditions, including their sources of livelihood.

I already have started writing.  In fact, in my Facebook account (Pepot Garcia), I run a page entitled “Mga Buntag Uban Si Nong Konik” where I have been trying, as best as I can even without experience and formal training, to make details of people, events, places and circumstances of the past vis-a-vis social situations, including economics, politics and culture, and connect all of these to the present and make possible projections and probable speculation of future scenario and circumstances.

Further, the above-mentioned Facebook page has also been used as platform for crowdsourcing, where residents young and old can participate through suggestions, recommendation, comments and constructive criticism on the written items of the day’s release.  On my part, I patiently and religiously consolidated all their comments and subsequently make adjustments to the written pieces or look for means and ways to find people, locate places and dig on available details of events and circumstances to make my work more digestible, comprehensive, integrated and acceptable.

By the way, I have purposely presented my piece through series of short stories and put some details of current events, laws, statutes and other sources of information to make the presentation interesting, appealing and educational.

Toward this end, I am inquiring from your office any assistance, technical or otherwise, to align my works with the mission, goals, mandate and development direction of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

More specific to this request are training, seminar or workshop, if available, on writing local/oral history and other relevant inputs to come up with a profound output worthy enough to be published.  In addition thereto, I need resources materials, access to archives, publishing information, guidance and mentoring, and other practical and necessary assistance your office can and will provide.

With high hope of your consideration and positive response, I am sincerely communicating.

I pray that this letter is meritorious.

Very truly yours,



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