“he not only let me borrow

them but share them to me

as long as I should’

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The Messenger dialogue box on my Facebook account popped-up something very interesting yesterday morning. It showed pictures of things I considered precious and important. It came from a lawyer who I always have considered my best friend since we were young up to the present. His name is Carlo.

Carlo and I shared various interests, from people to events, political views, places, foods, hobbies, sports, among others. The one shared interest that showed in Messenger was pictures of jacket covers of hard-bound books. And not just books but best-selling books from distinguished authors who have influenced not only common people’s minds and hearts but also have became the lexicon of famous leaders and influencers, both local and international.

I made comments of borrowing those books one at a time. Meaning, I will borrow one and after I will finish reading, I’ll return it and borrow the other one until I will consume all of them.

I was not surprised by his generous reply because of his known traits and attitude which I admired most. He not only let me borrow them but share them to me as long as I should. In other words he will give one or two to me. Of course it would be too much if he will give them all. Generosity at its best, and I said thank you.

Upon deep reflections, I really appreciate, with better resolve and intent, the gesture showed to me by my friend. He loves his books and I also love to read them. Down the line, I made to conclude that all of these circumstances happen because of shared interests and passion. Among all of those we shared, passion for books has mattered a lot this time.

And now both of us will proudly exchange phrases we, as friends, only know the reasons why: “Oh, oh, oh! Pakusog! Paka-onon di mabusog! Padula-on di kadaug! Sugu-on di mosugot! Hilo-an maglingo-lingo lang! Strike anytime, strike anywhere!” and all these phrases are recited while we do the handshakes only him and me know how to execute. (with Egay and Joel Bonghanoy, and Henry nga dili mokaon ug dukot, hahaha!)

By the way, I used to call him Anlong or Long for short.


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