“NAIRUD SA WABAD” Live in Compostela


In the famous reggae Trenchtown Rock, the immortal Bob Marley sings “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

As a language of the soul, music has played thousands of roles in our lives ever since we were born up to our present, in various ways at some numerous points in between, and all will love to hear it from the best artists.

Started as a school boy band, adjudged as the best of Davao region, has already conquered some national performance stage, and continued to make distinct prominence in the music industry, “Nairud Sa Wabad” is ready to hit our soul and feel us no pain.

As a pre-valentine offering to the people of Compostela though the effort of the one and only hotel that guarantees a Convenient and Comfortable Stay COCOS Hotel, “NAIRUD SA WABAD” will be performing live at Compostela Municipal Gym on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Alas, a greater fraction of the net revenue proceeds of the show will be shared to ACT Now Foundation Philippines for different community development projects in the field of dental health care, youth and development projects, among others.

For reservation tickets and reservations, please visit COCOS Hotel, Calalas Dental Clinic and Buena Pawnshop.

(Photo credits to www.bestofdavao.com.ph)


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