The president needs someone who knows how to write his unwritten speeches. Yes, you read it right, an unwritten speech writer.

Even his persona manifests it, Digong is very unconventional. Observing him making public addresses, except for a handful of very formal and serious functions, the president frankly refused and publicly announced that he never like to read prepared written conventional speeches. Because of these, several times he has been misconstrued, misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Here are some of my thoughts to suggest:

The person or office in-charge on this matter should look, find, recruit and take on-board someone who:

  • is a bisaya, preferably from Davao or nearby provinces, for the purpose of familiarity of the principal
    • has the ability to choose right words for right audience at the right time and occasion
    • has experiences in the field, be it from LGU, NGO or private sector, or a combo of the three
    • can talk to him casually during briefings when time warrant
    • knows and understands the language of common people, the masses
    • can simplify simple and/or complex issues and concerns in “one-liners”
    • can readily suggests “humors” and stories in between essential subjects
    • can conveniently recommends compelling phrases to replace cussing
    • can compress voluminous and plentiful of talking points in one page
    • has the capability to be creative and possesses ingenuity to modify rules in grammar and sentence construction

Regardless of age, educational background, academic track records, economic status, political inclination and social awareness, a writer who knows how to write unwritten speeches is a must because the president needs to be understood with clarity and precision in all of his talking functions.


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