Because today is the student government’s election at my son’s school, I presumed, as manifested by his gestures that Kruy was excited to vote.

Equally excited to do my share, my mind urges me to write something about campus politics, and play little tricks with some PRONOUNS in relating my stories. Semantics gymnastics is the name of the game.

For as young as elementary and high school students, student government is their chance to have a taste of politics and experience what the political world has to offer. I purposely write this piece on the date of the election because I don’t want to influence, in one way or the other, how the students and the pupils should vote. After all, the candidates of this election;

  • do not have interests (personal, family or business) to protect,
  • do not have to take care of retaining power for the sake of having one,
  • do not think that politics is a source of living,
  • do not need popularity and status symbol, and
  • do not understand yet the dynamics of political patronage, connections and selfishness

With high hope that these could share lessons and would tickle the mind to critically think, here’s my comparative stories for the students and pupils to understand:

You can choose which is which;

I or WE
“I am the one who facilitated this housing project.” Or “WE owned this book shelves project.”

ME or US
“This livelihood program is a commitment to the people initiated by ME.” Or “This outreach program is a commitment to the students initiated by all of US.”

“The dispersal of farm animals is MINE.” Or “The dispersal of reading materials is OURS”.

“This building is the project of MY office.” Or “This CR is a project of OUR student body organization.”

So sad that in actual practices, in any case, the former is most prevalent than the latter (if there is any, how I wish!).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking of the “ideal world” here because these are all what are supposed to be, be it in the “real-politic”, local and national politics, student politics, or organizational politics.

Ergo, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE but it’s not about “ME, MINE, MYSELF and I” but it is supposed to be about “WE, US, OUR and OURS”.


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