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Habang ang karamihan ay napakagulong sumasang-ayon, tumutuligsa, nangangamba o nag-aalinlangan sa deklarasyon ng Martial Law, may hapunan kaya ngayong gabi ang kabitbahay mong si Marcial Luoy na karaniwang manggagawa’t magsasaka?

Nalilito lang po ang tukong nakadikit sa kisame ng Bahay Kubo…

Tuko! Tuko! Tuko! (like the real thing)


Political conclusion and personal opinion?

These can never substitute the indispensable role of CONTEXT.

Paranoia? Maybe, just maybe.


Exaggerated and hyperbolic reactions against exaggerated and hyperbolic pronouncements make hyperbole and exaggeration no sense thereby creating a general perceptions of balance and neutrality.

Sun Tzu has a say:

“If you are strong, pretend to be weak” or
“Win without fighting”


“May cameraman bang kasama ang ipinadala nyong reporter?”

My take:

“My gOAdness!”


“NEVER AGAIN” will never happen again.
Why? CONTEXT Boss!
Mahirap ba intindihin yon?



Kung moingon tag “Agay” murag maulian man ang sakit?

Kung moingon tag “Hahay, Kapoya uy!” murag mawala ang kakapoy?

Kung makuyawan ta pakuratan tag balik sabay ingon “Sige, sige, sige!” unya uyugon ta, murag mawala man ang kakulba?

Kung mapaso ta moingon tag “Inita/hapdosa uy!” murag mominus man ang kainit/kahapdos?

“Murag” lang hinoon ang tanan, dili gyud hinoon mawala…



One thing I’ve learned when I watched, alongside my kiddos, the Disney’s “The Lion Guard” series:

In the pride land, when the lion roars, other predators become potential preys.



This applies to any discipline other than basketball:

We need neither hate Lebron James in particular nor the Cleveland Cavaliers in general to be the greatest fans of the splash brothers and the Golden State Warriors, or the other way around.


Even world leaders are sometimes misinformed.

Ordinary folks experienced these almost every minute in front of TV or on social media platforms.

Plain truth: misinformation impairs informed judgement.


Murphy’s Law has been experienced twice in 3 days… Here are reflections worth sharing:

Logic does not work all the time. Thus, we need to know and understand how intuition plays essential role in our lives to save our logical inabilities.


Intuition is not applicable in all situations. Therefore, we need to know and understand logic to salvage our intuitive incapacities.



At a distance of about 220,
Burned under more than 40,
Constantly phasing at 70,
Commencing from 1,
And ending to same 1.


Writing passionately is a passion.
We need to love it firsts.


An anthropology graduate friend who also has MPA extended to his name asked me what is the first logical step in Disaster Risk Reduction.

I replied, Risk Assessment.

I agree, he said confidently.

Why, I asked.

I just wonder why investments in DRR have been so response-oriented, he reasoned out.

I just smiled and sip my coffee.


“Everything is political, Sir” -from the movie Air Force One

Need to say more?


What we think is right may be wrong to others or the other way around.

Whatever it is, we are right in our own right.

The key word is CONTEXT.


About more than 30 years ago,I had seen this in a sticker…

“Lefties have rights too”.

and equally proportional to their extreme counterpart and those who choose to stay in between.


Everything emanates from the mind, including this post.

Facebook is right in asking “What’s on your mind?”…

And we all post ideas, literature, photos, videos, events, emotions, status, etc., etc., etc. These come from our minds.



Naguol ang usa ka tawo kay nahulog sa sementong salog iyang gigunitan nga plato unya nabu-ak.

Usa ka maalamong tawo miingon niya…

“Ayaw kaguol kay mabuak man na nga plato. Ang imong kagul-an kung nahulog na unya wala mabu-ak. Ang tawag ana milagro”.



Matud nila…

Lisod kaayo pukawon ang tawo nga nagmata na.

Tama. Ang pwede pukawon ang kadto ra mang natulog.



May pambili kaya ng tsinelas ang karaniwang taong si Mang Kulas?


While hearing is nature, listening is an acquired skill.



First heard these lines from a song when I was still grade 6.

“Pagkadaghan sa nahigmata,
nga nangandoy pang matulog,
kay mas tam-is ang magdamgo,
sa mga dili tinuod”

Now, nga bag-o lang ning-gradweyt sa grade 6 ako anak, these lines are still relevant.




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