(The Untold Tale of the Close Mystic Relative of Maria Cacao)

She was a mysterious lady resting quietly on top of the majestic mountain range overlooking a town where one does not have any idea who she was until one is will be willing to know who she is.

She was introduced to me by a teacher friend, who is presently the school head of Bango High School in Compostela, Mam Cynthia.

One morning on May 20, 2017, I together with my best friend Konsehal Engr. Alan Calalas, travelled through the newly-concreted road leading towards the mountains of Barangay Ngan, where two dental outreach, courtesy of the office of Konsehal Alan in cooperation with Dr. Tita Sumalinog Calalas and her dentist friends, and ACT Now Foundation Philippine, were initiated and served. One dental extraction outreach was held at Mambusao Elementary School, the other one was in Bango High School.

We went first to Mambusao before going to Bango, logically because the former is nearer than the latter. After shorts chats and photo opportunities, in both venues, we immediately left but not Bango. Before we go, Mam Cynthia enlightened me of the story of Her Majesty. She told me that my writings of Maria Cacao enticed her make connectivity of the mysterious lady peacefully calming herself at the range. Out of curiosity and interest of the subject, I was obliged, together with my companions Engr. Alan, Dave and Undoy to follow her lead. She ushered us, to see for ourselves the terrain of Tambuyong Mountain Range and specifically pointed the resembling body parts of the majestic and mysterious guardian of the treasures representing nature and its importance to the life and living conditions of people. While the flock of heavy and white clouds did not cooperate well for our best sights, the manifestations of the lady were obvious and clear. To our amazement, from her forehead to her cheeks, nose, mouth, neck, breast, stomach, knees and feet, our imaginings and the illusions of our eyes had painted a picture in our minds and emotions that indeed this mystic creature do really exists.

With great gusto of unlocking some mysteries and stories behind the mysterious story, I made inquiries from different people to share profound understanding of the discovery at hand. While collecting and digging for essential pieces of the puzzle, I decided to name the lady fit for her highness just to make reference and easy recall of her existence. She is Bubaye Sang Tambuyong (pronounced as Bubay nga pinalanay), an indigenous peoples Mandaya term for “The Lady of Tambuyong”.

Tambuyong, for basic information, is the name given to the highest mountain range on the eastern side of Compostela, Compostela Valley which stretches the mountainous territory of barangays Mangayon, Tamia, Ngan, and Panansalan. It borders the territorial jurisdiction of Boston and Cateel, Davao Oriental. It hosts the mossy-bonsai forest and vegetative covers, houses endemic and exotics life forms, both plants and animals, and kept vastly untapped repository of mineral resources.

Sorting the collection of significant experiences of old Mandaya inhabitants about the mystery of the lady, hair-raising and heart-pounding revelations have been recounted. Legends have it that:

1. No one have had even dared to set foot on it, then and now. Meticulous and forbidden rituals are necessary before one has the true courage to come even closer to the range. Those who dared and undermined the rituals were gone forever.

2. There is big portion on the range which is believed to be like a huge magnet that even planes and helicopters of Valderama or of the government never tried to approach close distance worried that it will be pulled towards the earth’s core. Some even compared the spot with the famous Bermuda Triangle.

3. When someone is within the perimeter closer of the range border, she or she will be lost or “mino” in Bisayan term. Thus, when experiencing no escape, one deliberately inflicted pain to own body by making wounds or biting the lips or smashing something to any body parts to keep the mind alert and to held from falling asleep. An experience that is closely familiar with the story of Ibong Adarna.

4. There is a place called “Lugar sa mga Kalabera” or a place of skeletons. These bones were believed to be the left-over from the bodies of those who dared to enter the place.

5. The trees and plants seen from a distance are just optical illusions. It was believed that these were part of Cacao plantation which Maria Cacao will be harvesting during rainy/flood seasons.

6. When the clouds covered the resemblance of the sleeping enchanted lady, it was believed that the she is jealous and will never reveal herself especially to people who have hidden and unwelcome motives.

7. If accidentally come to the place, it was believed that the mineral elements like gold, silver and copper were completely visible and within the hands reach but touching and keeping them will mean death is certainly coming.

8. Unusual and bizarre animals and plants of different shapes, sizes and sounds can be seen and experienced within the range.

9. The clean and crystal clear water that springs from the gigantic hole in a size of car can be found within the place. While it looks clean and thirst-quenching, anyone who dared drink from it had been poisoned to death.

10. Workers from Valderama had once a story that a Bulldozer which dared to razed the trees in the enchanted territory was swallowed by a giant quicksand (“huyong-huyong”, kumonoy).

Hearing the stories was enchanting yet fulfilling. It was like listening to fairy tales while at the same time taking the messages of the tales as a stern reminder that indeed nature works in its own unique and distinct way.

On a personal note, the range is life. Protecting and preserving the range make a peaceful and orderly contract with the majestic lady guarding what have been around her careful watch. While seeing her from the distance she was sleeping, making her awake by destroying and abusing the treasures on the bed where she reclines will mean untoward event that would affect live and properties of the people and communities benefiting from them.

We left the place, an ideal view deck at one spot in Bango High School to have a clear look of the lady, with individual self-proclaimed assignments to make. I promised to write this piece, Engr. Calalas committed to pass legislation to protect and preserve Tambuyong Mountain Range, Dave Damalerio scheduled to file the legislation at the Sangguniang Bayan secretariat on Tuesday morning and Undoy Rolando Ondoy Danlo will help look and find stories to make this write up legendary.

Before stepping down the concrete stair cases from the school toward the main road, we all said thanks to Mam Cynthia Apog Vasquez.


TAMBUYONG REVELATION #2 #preserveandprotecttambuyong

Tambuyong Mountain Range is NATURE”s last best hope of Compostela, Compostela Valley.

Loving it is prerequisite to preserving and protecting it.

Kosehal Engr. Alan Calalas has already made a legislative milestone by filing measures today at the Sangguniang Bayan 2 landmark legislation, namely:

1. An ordinance declaring Tambuyong Mountain Range as protected wildlife and biodiversity sanctuary and as off-site eco-tourism destination

2. A resolution requesting the national government through Congress and DENR to declare Tambuyong Mountain Range as Protected Area under the National Integrated Protected Area System.

Anyone of us can also do our shares.



A must look!

Wow, a new revelation is more than just a simple write up.

My cousin Iza sent to me a picture a couple of minutes ago that revealed Tambuyong Mountain Range is not​ only protected by one but two mystical creatures.

Another worthy article coming up for this.

Observe the pictures taken from the balcony of uncle Saldy’s and auntie Marilou’s house by their daughter Agaw Iza at Bango.

A couple or a Siamese/Conjoint twins? Well, Let our imaginations​ be the judge.



A tip to LGU:

Just like the sleeping lady in the mountains of Lanao and the sleeping dinosaur of Mati, the “Resting Man and Lady of Tambuyong” is an off-site tourism attraction.

We need neither step on nor roam around the area to enjoy its greatness. The long stretches from Maparat to Lagab, Poblacion, Osmena, Ambawan, Nursery, Mambusao, Kantigbao, Pulang Lupa, Bango, Quarry, even up to Spar Dos, are thousands of spots and angles ready enough for some worthy clicks.

Tourism attraction and promotion without a penny of investment, isn’t it?





Yes, I stand by my declaration that Tambuyong Mountain Range is the nature’s last best hope of Compostela.

Let me share a little, a very little, understanding of local governance…

I got an information that in the formulation of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) of the town, facilitated by the DENR, the technical working group have had recommended the protection and preservation of the Range.

Timely and relevant, the Sangguniang Bayan of Compostela has already included in the calendar of business in the next week’s regular session the same purpose of protection and preservation of the Range.

While the aforementioned moves are all in policy forms, these are significant enough to be a solid foundations and catalyst for real and concrete actions toward a viable and sustaining protection and preservation of the Range.

The challenge now for the LGU is to transform these policies into actionable programs by making the protection and preservation of the Range a priority in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and invest resources thereof by including the item in the Local Development and Investment Plan (LDIP). For consistency and propriety, the Municipal Development Council (MDC) should annually appropriate funds in the Annual Investment Program (AIP) for the purpose so that programs, projects and activities will be mobilized, thereby protection and preservation of the Range will not just be a lip service but true.

By doing so, the LGU correctly and appropriately execute the mandate of the Local Government Code’s mandate on the four (4) basic functions of the LGU, namely; General Government/Public Services, Environmental Protection Services, Social Services and Economic Services, which the protection and preservation of the Range cuts across. These will ultimately trickle down to the general welfare of the people as pronounced in the general welfare clause of the local government code.

The bottom line, there is hope in the nature’s last best hope.


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